From the love for boardsports grew the idea to bring small Californian brands to Germany, build them up and establish them here. From a small garage company arose a solid partner for brands that are distributed in Europe and especially in Germany/Austria. The freshly founded Trade Art Distribution is the essence of over 25 years of experience as a full service partner.

If you are looking for a strong partner to grow your business in Germany and Austria, Trade Art Distribution is your 360° Go To Market Partner. With our signature Master Agent model, we cover all the needs of a brand to strengthen their business in the market. This means a professional and all-around closed system that includes brand, sales and key account management, sales team, showrooms, marketing services, customer service, warranty processing and accounts payable. All this is supported by a network of more than 600 long-term partners in the snow, surf, skate, outdoor, sports, bike and streetwear sectors.



A proven track of successful 25+ years experience of Brand, Sales, and Key Account Management in a pan European and global environment.


This unit is key when it comes to a good connection to our client base. For the last 25 years in business this was one of the services that set us apart from other agencies in the market.


The heart of our sales operations is our Sales Force. A team of highly motivated and well connected internal and external agents is covering all German and Austrian territories.


The key to any sales activities is a backup of a proper marketing unit to cover the needs of the brand and the market.


We offer the best in class service for Credit Control. We are able to manage the whole bookkeeping process or just parts of it.


A proven track of running up to 15 retail businesses makes us a good partner for any retail related topics.


Volcom Logo White

Inspired by the creative spirit, Volcom was founded as an apparel company with roots in skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding. Building on the foundation of sports culture, Volcom also supports initiatives in music and art, living the mantra “True To This” as a call to action for tenacious rebels and creatives who follow their passions. Volcom makes meaningful products for men, women and kids in a variety of categories, including outdoor, swim, skate, denim, fashion and more.

Dakine Logo White

Dakine is for those who are inspired by nature and seize the opportunity of each new swell, storm front and dawn. Those who are dedicated and those who are committed – those who are always looking for new experiences. We make gear built by experts for people who are willing to venture where they’ve never been to do what they’ve never done before.

Electric Logo White

Electric has a reputation as one of the most forward-thinking names in eyewear, and rightfully so. The brand has designed and developed products with some of the world’s top athletes and personalities. A commitment to style and purpose-driven eyewear is a core design philosophy that has led to two decades of innovation. Twenty years later, the passion and energy are incomparably present, and the brand remains unmistakably – Electric.

And Feelings is the brainchild of Los Angeles-based artist Chad Eaton. He created And Feelings to revisit memories from his life in a new visual way. Most of the graphics simplify metaphors based on moments that have stuck in his mind and mementos he has collected. Although And Feelings is rooted in skateboarding and art culture, the brand wants to celebrate the creative spirits that are in all kinds of subcultures, not just one. Culture and experience before products.

The fresh and young streetwear brand Kaotiko from Barcelona is serving an awesome mix of genderfluid apparel and footwear. Founded as a skateshop in 1999 the brand itself started to get heat soon. All Apparel made in Spain.

Afer Essentials Logo Black

The young brand After Esentials from the south of France is the brand for change ponchos in the watersports area. True to the motto “By surfers, for surfers”, After Essentials brings the largest line to the market. As the only brand is produced exclusively in Europe and paid attention to special features that are only available at After Essentials. The range is completed by rain ponchos, bike ponchos, accessories and SUP sets. – After Essentials.


Trade Art Distribution GmbH – Mahdentalstrasse 107 – 71065 Sindelfingen

Trade Art Distribution GmbH – Venloer Strasse 703 – 50827 Köln

Showroom Berlin – Grünberger Höfe – Grünberger Str. 48 b  – Aufgang2 / 1.OG – 10245 Berlin

Showroom Fernitz – Erzherzog-Johann Platz 1 – A-8072 Fernitz bei Graz

Showroom Salzburg – Gniglerstrasse 35 – A-5020 Salzburg